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About Me

I am a Product Designer, problem solver, and creator. I leverage a 15+ year multidisciplinary design background to simplify the complex while also focusing on aesthetics – giving the people who use my products simplicity and beauty.


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He has years of experience and it shows in the features he designs.

– Marie Espinoza
President – 4insite, LLC

I have been working with Paul for over 12 years, the first site he built for me worked well for the first 10 and the update has blown me out of the water and will likely continue to be as beautiful, useful and timeless as the last for the next 10. The logos he designed are also incredible, versatile and timeless. I am grateful to have him as a resource and designer. He really does it all and well.

– Michael Siminitus
Principal CEO, Wastebusters and Sudbusters

A very talented designer, and well versed in multiple areas of product development. He delivers exceptional work every time and offers cross-functional support.

– Marcy Boyd
Director of Strategic Marketing, 4insite LLC

Patience, dedication, and determination are Paul's high selling points. He works really well with other people and has a natural talent in creating a cultural bond in his work environment that is difficult, or likely impossible, to replace.

– Jeff Gunn
UI / UX Designer

He’s extremely hard working, creative, detail oriented, a great problem solver, and has an infectious positive attitude.

-Norm Poblete
UI / UX Designer

Paul is a real Renaissance man, a multi-talented multimedia artist. He has expert time management skills to do all the work he does, I don’t know how he does it!

– Kylie Stoneking
UI / UX Designer

Paul was a great asset to our UI/UX design team at 4insite and one that will be very hard to replace. What I appreciate most about Paul is his ability to see the big picture; When solving a problem he considers all aspects of the product rather than just the one particular feature he works on. He is a very dedicated designer and never backs down from a challenge. In addition to his creativity and talent, Paul will also bring an incredibly positive attitude making him a perfect culture fit just about anywhere you put him. If you have the opportunity to work with Paul, I would highly recommend not passing it up.

– Justin Molina
UI / UX Designer II

Case STudies

Product Design

Discover Native App

At 4insite we needed a complete overhaul redesign for the defunct Quick Create Native App for Managers. A tool to put in the hands of Mangers that had the capability to work on and offline allowing Managers to get out from behind their desks. 4insite: Discover was born for IOS and Android.

Product Design

Comments Feature

In business you always hear that “Time is Money”. 4insite wanted to help employee’s save time by being able to directly communicate on work items with managers and anyone else who might need to a part of those Communication Channels. Between the Employee App, Manager App and Web App. 

Feature ReDesign

Maps Redesign

A great way to see and compare whats going on at multiple clients and multiple sites. Our Maps feature was a hit but we received feedback that we might be missing our mark with too much information on the page. We needed to revisit our Maps feature, focus on its strengths and streamline the design for our users.



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